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Launch Your Authentication Business

Whether you are a collector or a professional in the resale sector, mastering the skill of authentication protects your investments and minimizes your liabilities. Find a career in the $50b resale sector with credentials and experience from the Authentication Institute of America.

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Self-Paced Authentication Learning

With Mini, Certification and Credentialed Authentication Courses held on the Thinkific platform, you can enjoy learning at your own pace for the brands and categories that interest you the most. Make sure you check out The Learning Center to access free educational materials on most brands. 

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Earn Your Certification

Become a credentialed authenticator. Pass 10 brand courses (5 required brands, 5 elective brands) with 90% accuracy, a methodology essay, and a proctored virtual assessment. You retain access to all dynamic course work to keep abreast of new authentication updates and counterfeit trends.

  • Corporate Training

Corporate Authentication Training

Whether big or small, AIA can customize corporate training for you and your staff. Workflows, Authentication, Education and Tips; AIA will create a specialized training plan and continued support while you grow your business in the pre-owned space. 

Education is at the forefront of the Authentication Institute of America and by clicking on the below, you can learn the ins and outs of authentication.

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