Christian Dior Handbag Authentication Tips

A Brief Glimpse Into: Christian Dior

Christian Dior

Year Founded: 

Creative Director(s) as of 2023: 
Maria Grazia Chiuri, Kim Jones

Owned By:

Most Known For: 
The Lady Dior Bag

Fun Fact: 
His 1957 obituary in The New York Times read: “behind the vast Dior enterprises was always the plump, pink-cheeked master, who twice each year went into seclusion to create the newest designs. And much of that time each year he spent in the bathtub, usually his Empire tub of green marble lined with silvery metal and fitted with swan’s-head faucets. There he soaked, and pondered a new line, and sketched his ideas on scraps of paper.”

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Dior History via LVMH

Christian Dior Serial Numbers

Christian Dior handbag serial numbers are located on the backside of the interior leather tag and it reads much like a Louis Vuitton date code as both are owned by LVMH.

Made In Italy
08 – Country Code (manufacturing)
RU – Factory Code
05 – Year (2nd and 4th number)
03 – Week (1st and 3rd number)


Made In Italy

RU – Factory Code
02 – Year (2nd and 4th number)
10 – Week (1st and 3rd number)

21 – Country Code (manufacturing)
MA – Factory Code
16 – Year (2nd and 4th number)
04 – Week (1st and 3rd number)

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