Goyard Handbag Authentication Tips

A Brief Glimpse Into: Goyard

Pierre-François Martin

Year Founded: 

Creative Director as of 2023: 

Owned By:

Most Known For: 
The St. Louis Tote

Fun Fact: 
In 1998, Jean-Michel Signoles, a French businessman, struck an agreement to purchase the House from the Goyard family. Signoles’ purchase of Goyard marked the first break from the Goyard family’s line of succession in almost 150 years. He still owns the brand to this day.

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Goyard Serial Numbers

Goyard’s serial numbers are almost as secretive as the brand itself but we’ve broken down how to read one.

AAS: Manufacturing code
01: Month produced
2013 : Year produced


SAR: Manufacturing code
06: Month produced
2009 : Year produced

ABA – Manufacturing Number
09: Month produced
2006 : Year produced

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