Hermès Handbag Authentication Tips

A Brief Glimpse Into: Hermès

Thierry Hermés

Year Founded: 

Creative Director as of 2023: 
Pierre Alexis-Dumas

Owned By:
Self Owned

Most Known For: 
The Birkin and Kelly bags

Fun Fact: 
The first Hermes bag was crafted in 1922 by heir Emile-Maurice himself. The creation of the piece was in response to his wife’s frustration from struggling to find the perfect handbag and is a smaller version of the Haut a Courroies.

Learn More:
The Hermès Website

Hermès Date Codes

Date stamps on Hermès will only tell you what year it was made but while there are other stamps included, these are all artisans stamps.

T BS 006
– Year manufactured
BS – Artisan Stamp
006 – Artisan Stamp
ZB – Artisan Stamp


– Year produced
AS644 – Artisan Stamps
AW – Artisan Stamps

X (in circle)
– Artisan stamp
C – Artisan stamp
X in circle – Year produced

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