Kate Spade Handbag Authentication Tips

A Brief Glimpse Into: Kate Spade

Kate and Andy Spade

Year Founded: 

Creative Directors as of 2023: 
Tom Mora and Jennifer Lyu

Owned By:

Most Known For: 
The Sam Bag

Fun Fact: 
In 2016, Kate spade legally changed her name to Kate Valentine.

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Kate Spade Interior Tags

Kate Spade’s interior tags which can be in the interior of the bag at the seam, are white with three rows of information.

WKRU2152 – Style Number
P091 – Color
0913 – Factory Code


WKRU2303 – Style Number
W100 – Color
0814 – Factory Code

PXRU5769 – Style Number
F194 – Color
0215 – Factory Code

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