Prada Handbag Authentication Tips

A Brief Glimpse Into: Prada

Mario Prada

Year Founded: 

Creative Director as of 2023: 
Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada

Owned By:
The Prada Group

Most Known For: 
The Nylon Re-Edition

Fun Fact: 

Miuccia Prada trained at the Teatro Piccolo to become a mime and performed for 5 years.

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 Prada Quality Assurance Tags

Prada handbags will have a small, white, square tag stitched into the seam of the interior pocket. This is known as the Quality Assurance Tag or Factory Tag. It will have a 1, 2, or 3 numbers printed in black, which indicate the purse’s factory number.

40 – Quality Assurance Number

58 / B

58 / B – Quality Assurance Tag
158 – Second Quality Assurance Tag

7 / D
7 / D 
– Quality Assurance Tag


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