All courses offered by the Authentication Institute of America will provide the user upon completion of said course with a passing grade of at least 90%, a

Certificate of Completion.

Hermès Certification Course

The Hermès Certification course which was created by Torie Ruffle and who is a Senior Instructor here at the Authentication Institute of America’s has over a decade of pre-owned luxury handbag experience.

The curriculum is divided into three levels of expertise: 101, 201, and 301.  Each section will focus on a different category for the brand and will consist of videos and quizzes. From the brand’s heritage and artisans to date codes and hardware along with materials and sizing, we’ve included everything you’ll need to feel confident in the brand.

The enrollee must complete each module and earn a passing grade of 90% on all exams. The final assignment is a methodology essay, detailing the research, examination, and authentication assessment of selected handbags. The proctor will judge accuracy and mastery of the course content proper to issuing a certificate of completion.

Authentication Institute of America Hermès Certification Course Companion Book

The Hermès Course Companion Book

Created to utilize as a guide while you’re going through the course and a reference tool after you complete the course; the companion book is mirrored after the course with the same content but in an easy to read format.

From images to text, this 260+ page reference tool is not a requirement for the completion of the course but will allow you to reference back at the all of the content you have learned through this course.

The Hermes Instructor

Victoria (Torie) Rufolo
Victoria (Torie) RufoloSenior Instructor
As a luxury resale expert, Victoria (Torie) Rufolo has spent the better part of the past decade studying and authenticating luxury fashion brands. She is deeply passionate about the resale industry and what it offers in terms of sustainability and accessibility with accuracy and authenticity at the forefront of her focus. Victoria has worked with many companies to provide expertise on the resale industry and countless determinations of authenticity. She has also aided in launching authentication programs and providing training for some of the world’s top resale platforms. Victoria has created numerous in-depth training materials and extensive digital archives for many luxury brands. On a constant search for information, she spends her free time sourcing and researching vintage catalogs and archives. Victoria is thrilled to be partnering with AIA to help protect the integrity of the fashion industry and ensure that accuracy and authenticity are at the forefront of resale.