Frequently Asked Questions2023-02-21T14:33:47-08:00


What is AIA?2023-02-21T17:36:49-08:00

The Authentication Institute of America is the world’s first organization to offer thorough education, assessment and certification in the practice of authenticating genuine personal luxury goods and detecting counterfeits. Through video recordings, reference guides, essays, and a final live assessment our proctors gauge your comprehension and acumen of the art and science of authentication. Attention to detail, a passion for research, and a lust for the truth are all requisites to this program.

How does it work?2023-02-21T18:32:16-08:00

You can choose to take the path to certification or independent brand modules for curious learners. Certification requires the completion of 10 brand courses, 5 pre-determined, and 5 electives. Each of these is accompanied by a compliance test. You will then be asked to write an essay on methodology and complete a final. 

You may also take any course at any time, for your own education. Whether a mini-course for beginners or an expert level certification course geared towards practitioners, the AIA platform is dynamic to work for your needs. You may also check out The Learning Center which we share relevant, brand information for you to learn about authentication. 

What brands do you offer training in?2022-10-11T20:56:02-07:00

From Coach to Chanel, Adidas to Alaia, the Authentication Institute of America offers training in today’s most popular and the most counterfeited, fashion brands. For a full list please click here.

What categories do you cover?2022-10-11T20:02:52-07:00

Authentication Institute of America currently offers authentication in luxury brand fashion: handbags, and small leather goods, with accessories, shoes, clothing, watches, and jewelry courses to come. As we grow, our goal is to develop coursework in collectibles, home furnishings, decorative arts, electronics, and other highly counterfeited categories.

How long does it take?2023-02-21T18:43:02-08:00

On the AIA education platform, you can pause your coursework at any time and continue later, to work around your schedule. Mini-courses can be completed in an afternoon whereas the a certification course may take you a week. Credentialing, we feel should take you at least one month but you have the option to stretch your learning over one year.

How much does it cost?2023-02-21T17:34:38-08:00

Courses, Certification and Credentialing all have different price points. Please see their respective pages for more information.

What do I get out of it?2022-10-11T20:02:22-07:00

Nowhere else will you find the level of detailed instruction, expertise, and personal coaching on the subject of luxury authentication, nor do any other Institutions offer certification and credentialing. With only several thousand experts worldwide the luxury resale sector is valued at over $50 billion. This whole industry is dependent on the authenticity of the goods being traded. Without trust and transparency, there is no circular economy. AIA’s training builds skills and confidence to enter the marketplace in many different roles, depending on your interests.

Do you offer a Business Discount?2022-10-11T20:03:16-07:00

We invite potential enterprise partners and educators to contact our Business Development team by clicking here. 

How can I report a bad actor?2022-10-11T20:03:31-07:00

The Authentication Institute of America works hard to disseminate information about bad actors, fraudsters, and scams regarding counterfeit luxury goods. If you have information involving a specific crime being committed, please contact your local authorities.

How can my business be added to your Preferred Business Partners page’?2022-10-11T20:03:43-07:00

One of the goals of the Authentication Institute of America is to moderate a network of preferred businesses within the Resale space who honor our code of ethics, are compliant with condition grading, and are committed to trust and transparency. We know that everyone makes mistakes, and your character truly shows in how you address and remedy those mistakes. To find out more about becoming a Preferred Business Partner please contact us by clicking here

Do you offer authentication services?2022-10-11T20:03:55-07:00

The AIA is focused on education and compliance, through our Preferred Business Partner page, you will find recommended service providers.

I already am a trained authenticator, how can AIA benefit me?2023-02-22T06:28:41-08:00